Stress and Weight Management

I started seeing Joelle in January when I was experiencing very high levels of stress, a very low mood and anxiety. Joelle is a very understanding, lovely lady who has helped me more than I could ever have imagined. Everything was explained to me all the way along and I found it a very therapeutic experience. Every session we would discuss what had gone well & not so well and this was followed up by a hypnotherapy/ relaxation session. I came out of there every week feeling calm and relaxed and able to cope. I felt like a different woman once everything was addressed and worked through. I learned lots of little things to help myself, which inevitably had the effect of helping my family & relationship too! If you are struggling, I would definitely recommend booking in with Joelle, it’s the best money I have ever spent and I am truly grateful for this. I have every faith in this kind of therapy, so I signed up for the Weight Management Programme and I can honestly say, it most definitely works!! Thank you so much Joelle!


I would like to say thank you Joelle for treating me with hypnotherapy to give up smoking. It was three weeks ago that I booked in for a stop smoking session and I continue to be smoke free, which is a huge relief as I was chain smoking and desperate to stop. Now, I can breathe again! I felt safe, relaxed and trusting in your treatment room so I would definitely recommend you to others.

Anxiety and Sports Performance

I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy with Joelle! She is amazing; knowledgable, professional and always puts you at ease – meaning you can talk openly in sessions without judgement. I started sessions with Joelle to help with anxiety and mood but we have also done some sports performance related sessions to help me prepare for my first marathon (a lifetime ambition!). Thank you Joelle!

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

After struggling with panic attacks and general anxiety after a period of ill health, I approached Joelle for help. I am generally quite cynical about these things, but my sister had previously had hypnotherapy with positive results so I was open to the possibility of it helping me. She has helped me reframe my thoughts around situations that normally trigger me (driving, crowded spaces, being away from home) to the point where I am now able to do everything I previously took for granted. Sometimes I notice that I am slipping into negative behavioural patterns but after working with Joelle I am now better equipped to interrupt them before they escalate, and I have developed resilience through maintaining good mental habits.


Joelle was able to establish the roots of my insomnia in a manner that put me at ease. I found every session really informative, and Joelle was able to teach me techniques to be able to use at home during the day and at night to combat lack of sleep and getting back to sleep. Also having the relaxation recordings to hand has been a great tool and is now part of my sleep protocol. I could not recommend Joelle enough if you are having any trouble with sleep.


I saw Joelle for a course of sessions as I was having anxiety about having claustrophobia during an upcoming MRI scan.  She explained the neuroscience around anxiety and claustrophobia.  She also taught me breathing exercises to help me relax along with NLP techniques to allow me to mentally rehearse the scan going well during hypnosis.  On the day of the scan I felt calm and perfectly relaxed so was really grateful for Joelle’s help.  It all went very smoothly and I wholeheartedly recommend Joelle as an empathetic and competent hypnotherapist.


I was so pleased to have come across Joelle at a time when my anxiety & phobias had heightened. My day-to-day life was being affected by my phobia however Joelle’s experience & professionalism made it possible for me to understand how my mind was working and more importantly how I could change this with her knowledge.
My confidence has improved and my life back to normality after only a handful of sessions.
I would highly recommend Joelle to any of my family & loved ones.