Exam Stress

Overcome Exam Stress in Bristol and Online.

Are you feeling anxious and stressed about upcoming exams?

Many students today whether at school, college or university are feeling immense pressure and stress. Research shows that a small amount of stress can act as a motivator, however, too much stress can impact one’s overall well-being causing overwhelm and anxiety. Research has shown that exams and tests have the biggest impact on student’s mental health.

Here are symptoms that you may be experiencing.

* Rapid heartbeat
* Dry mouth
* Self doubt
* Sweaty palms
* A feeling of dread
* Trouble sleeping
* Butterflies in your tummy
* Fidgeting, biting your nails
* Loss of appetite or overeating

The way you may behave or feel is based on previous thought patterns from past experiences of sitting exams. Your unconscious mind expects you to feel overwhelmed and anxious and therefore you do. I have helped many of my clients challenge their unconscious mind’s expectations by reducing their negative thoughts and feelings which has enabled them to refocus and regain intellectual control.

During your sessions with me, I will give you an explanation of how the brain works and why we suffer in the way we do when it comes to stressful situations.  I will teach you coping skills on how to manage stress and you will be able to utilise this knowledge and tools going forward in your life. I also use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming ) techniques which will help you to positively rehearse and visualise how you would like to be and feel on the day of the exam.  The brain doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality, so if you keep visualising the exam going well, your brain thinks it has gone well.  On the day of the actual exam, your brain will pattern match to all the positive mental rehearsals you have done and it will become a reality for you.

Hypnotherapy can be very effective at helping a person control their exam nerves as it boosts confidence, reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation.  I can help you to achieve a calm state of mind, enabling you to approach your exams with confidence and focus.