Overcome Anxiety in Bristol and Online.

Anxiety is our body’s response to stress, and this is how our body alerts us to threats and helps us get ready to deal with them. Sometimes anxiety can helpful and can act as a motivator when we are facing a potential threat, however too much anxiety can have a detrimental effect on our overall well-being.

Anxiety is a general feeling of unease, worry or fear. If severe, it can result in panic attacks.

Physical symptoms may include heart palpitations, muscle aches, sweating, shortness of breath, feeling sick, difficulty falling or staying asleep, shaking, and upset stomach.

Emotional symptoms may include feeling tense and unable to relax, feeling a sense of dread, rumination, difficulty concentrating, feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with day to day tasks, and also displaying obsessive repetitive behaviour.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has an amazing success rate in treating people with an overwhelming level of anxiety, worry, fear and obsessive thoughts and behaviours. This therapy uses a powerful combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis, which produces real results that allow you to make changes to your thoughts and behaviours in a relatively short period of time.

Hypnosis will put you in a deep relaxed state which reduces anxiety through relaxation and visualisation techniques. I will help you to understand the neuroscience behind what is happening in your brain when you feel anxious and give you all the tools to manage your anxiety. You will then be better equipped in the future and able to live your life with a sense of calmness and intellectual control.