Online Initial Consultation £45 (50-60 mins)

The initial consultation lasts up to 1 hour.  We will discuss together what issue you are seeking help for and talk about how you would like things to be different.  I will then take some basic details from you and then explain the workings of the brain with regards to your particular issue.  I will outline why we can suffer in the way we do and most importantly what we can do about it.  I will then provide you with a relaxation recording to listen to at bedtime which will enforce the work that we do in between sessions.

Online Therapy Sessions £65 (60 mins)

Face to Face Therapy Sessions £70 (60 Mins)

Sessions last up to 1 hour and are recommended to be taken weekly.  We will begin by reviewing how your week has been, highlighting things that have gone well.  We will then do a re-cap of how the brain works.  I will then ask you some solution focused questions.  These questions are designed to encourage a positive response and help guide you to make small steps to reach your own personal goals.  Once you are visualising and focusing on the solution, we will complete the session with hypnosis.  Most people describe this as very relaxing and enjoyable.

Session prepayments  £390 (6 Sessions) 

Smoking Cessation £165 (90 mins approx.)

Smoking Cessation lasts up to 2 hours and the initial consultation is included as part of this session.  Full client commitment is essential and will power is required.

Relaxation Session £30 (30 mins)

One to one session for deep relaxation and to lower anxiety and stress, improve sleep quality, and build confidence and positivity.

Student Discount

Please get in contact for more information.

Terms & Conditions

Missed appointments or appointments which are rescheduled with less than 48 hrs notice are chargeable at the full fee.  For all appointments payment is to be taken in advance.  Block bookings are non refundable.